Michael E. Palmer


I do research in the field of computational biology, studying evolvabilty, in the Feldman Lab at Stanford.


Over the past ten years some interesting things have happened to me:

I rode a bicycle across the United States along with my wife and two friends.

I failed to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, though I tried.

I went on a month-long trip around China.

I went to Burning Man.

I made this cool graphics demo that lets you fly through a cadaver. Well, people thought it was cool at the time (1995)!

I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Caltech.

At a company called Inktomi, a few friends and I indexed the entire World Wide Web. In a couple of years we were serving the majority of Web search queries... until Google ultimately beat us out.

I fathered two children.

Here are details of my current research.